Top Alternatives to TumblRipper for Windows



Save and archive all Tumblr images

TumblRipper is a download manager specifically designed to rip and archive Tumblr blogs. TumblRipper’s simple and easy to understand interface only requires you to enter a destination folder and the Tumblr’s address. By hitting the load button TumblRipper will download every image from a Tumblr blog and store it on your computer.

When ripping a Tumblr for the first time TumblRipper will acquire and log every image. If you rip a blog a second time this log will be checked and only the newest images will be downloaded. Download speeds depend on the size and mount of images, but are generally fast. It is a slight shame that TumblRipper doesn’t also download or preserve other file types or Tumblr posts.

TumblRipper is a great means of saving your favorite Tumblr images for later viewing or uploading.

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